How New Technologies are Making an Impact on Businesses

Paper – How New Technologies are Making an Impact on Businesses


This paper is focused on the role of new technologies and how they impact business operations and decisions. This is a research paper, so you need to have references in APA style. Your paper should be at least 3500 words, and at a minimum discuss the following topics:


Three different and new/emerging technologies


o Introduce the technologies


o How are they being used (or how they will be used)


o What are their potential for users and businesses


Impacts on business operations, decisions, sales, etc.


o Positive & Negative


Impact on executives, employees, customers, humans, etc.


o Positive & Negative


Some Guidance on Your Topics:


Emerging topics should be specific and recent (past five years)


Don’t write about Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Self-Driving cars, IoT, and


other “buzz words” because you won’t be able to focus on the topic. Too many tangents


to go on, which results in you not being able to drive your point home


Instead, focus on a specific technology or version of the technology.


For example:


o If you want to write about Amazon Alexa, that’s fine. But pick the latest version


of Alexa and focus on why it’s so much better than the pervious.


o If you want to write about Tesla, that’s cool. But pick a model and the latest new


improvement that is added on to the vehicle / software


o You get the idea right?


o But then you have to ask the question – is that enough content for you to write




And finally, you should find something you want to research and write about. If you


don’t have fun with this assignment (and you’re majoring in ISOM), then you’re not


doing something right.


Your grade will be dependent on:


How effectively you address the minimum points listed above


How organized your paper is, and how well it flows


Correct spelling & grammar


To get a perfect score – go above and beyond the minimum points while ensuring bullet


points #2 & #3 are still addressed.


If you choose not to submit a Draft of the paper with a minimum of 1500 relevant words


for review – you risk losing two additional points on your Final Paper Submission.


See Rubric for Details


Paper Requirements