Human-Computer Interaction

I’m in need of assistance with my assignment on Human-Computer Interaction. Here’s what I require: –

Complete the assignment within a deadline of two weeks.

– Thorough coverage and understanding of Human

-Computer Interaction is necessary.

– The assignment should meet a minimum word count and should incorporate specific references, as per the guidelines given.

Ideal Skills: – Strong expertise in Human-Computer Interaction.

– Proficiency in academic research and writing.

– Familiarity with academic referencing protocols.

-Assignment is below question 1) Develop a design for a given scenario by applying the principles of HCI (1600 words equivalent) You are a user experience designer for a company that develops apps for a variety of target audiences. You have been asked to take on ONE of the following design projects: Either: An interactive app that can be deployed on tablets or phones and lets users search for the cheapest petrol station in their area. Or: A user interface for a new streaming service aimed at pc and console gamers and only available on smart tv platforms. Or: An app for a university that provides information to students about their course and helps them to plan and organise their study. You have been asked to design one of these apps, in the form of a high-fidelity paper prototype i.e. a representation of the interface that will be printed on paper for testing. Low fidelity sketches will NOT be accepted. The submission format for these is digital, but you should use a physical printout of these screens for testing. You should check your understanding of the difference between low fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes by referring to the module lessons. Before you begin, you must create a persona for a typical user of this app, informed by your user requirements elicitation research. Having created the persona, design a series of screens that represent some of the typical scenarios described in the persona. You DO NOT need to create a fully functioning app, and only a paper prototype is required. You also do not need to create every single interaction but create sufficient screens to represent two typical tasks from beginning to end (such that these tasks can then be evaluated in Coursework 3). You are required to use the drawing and design tools in either Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint to create the designs and to include these images as full size (i.e. filling as much of an A4 page as possible in landscape or portrait format and one screen per page). Designs created in PowerPoint can easily be pasted into a Word document. question 2 Justify the design decisions taken by referring to appropriate literature.

Detail: Write a report (1200 words) that explains and justifies the design decisions taken with respect to the design of the paper prototype, making reference to relevant theories, principles and guidelines. You should include screenshots of the user interface discussing how and where these principles and guidelines have been applied. question 3 Evaluate the interface using appropriate methods and report on the results, reflecting on the results using appropriate literature Detail: Evaluate your interface using specifically: • Nielsen Usability heuristics

• Think aloud tests – Set up the think aloud tests with you as the moderator and ‘computer’. Record these test sessions e.g. with a mobile phone so that you can review them later and they can be provided as evidence if required. Write a report based on the analysis of the results of your evaluation and assess these findings in the light of your design and appropriate literature (1200 words).