human trafficking on the dark web description

title: human trafficking on the dark web description – this is a research paper and i have some sources on how i am going to use it I i also write my introduction and below are the specific question on which my research is based • How do human traffickers utilize the dark web to conduct their activities? • What are the most common forms of human trafficking found on the dark web? • How do victims end up being trafficked on the dark web? • What measures are law enforcement agencies taking to combat human trafficking on the dark web? • How effective are current laws and regulations in preventing human trafficking on the dark web? this is how my paper starts A great chance to shine transformed into a living nightmare for one teenage model. Yes, you read that right! We can not even imagine how just one click on any website can share our data on the dark web, something similar happened to a young girl. In the summer of 2017, Chole Ayling a British model living in London was lured into a fake photoshoot in Milan, Italy. After arriving in Milan, she got kidnapped by a group named “The BLACK Death” to be sold as a sex slave on the dark web. This incident emphasizes several major problems, which include the fact that there are groups and people engaged in elaborate online human trafficking operations on the dark side of the internet. and My paper shild be in Mla format can you complete this in one day here is the annoated biblography for my paper!s54d5dedd2bcc4e5590f652188107a07a&resid=388018E01AEB06CD!s54d5dedd2bcc4e5590f652188107a07a&cid=388018e01aeb06cd&ithint=file%2Cdocx&redeem=aHR0cHM6Ly8xZHJ2Lm1zL3cvYy8zODgwMThlMDFhZWIwNmNkL0VkM2UxVlRNSzFWT2tQWlNHSUVIb0hvQlVTMjNfM3ZPWUtyZjUtRF9YcTJ1NkE_ZT1mYkJkNW4&migratedtospo=true&wdo=2 and is should not contain any plagiarism and ai generated content.