IFT 394 Topic: Networking Characteristics & Protocols

How many sales and what was the total of the LaCie rugged 2TB drive? Show the Description, total of Price, and the count of the number of sales. Save as Query1

Query 2:
How many of each external hard drive were sold? Show the Description, and the count of the sales. Save as Query 2

Query 3:
What are the total sales for a selected supplier? Show the Supplier code, the name of the supplier and count for each supplier. Save as Query 3

Query 4:
Modify query 3 so it requests the code of the supplier and displays only that supplier. Save as Query 4

Query 5:
Did any customers over 75 years old purchase a hard drive? Show their First Name, Last Name, Age, and Description of the toy sorted in descending order by age. Save as Query 5

Query 6:
For online sales within the state of Georgia there is a 7% sales tax. Show the Invoice, Price, Sales Tax and Total including the Tax. Save as Query 6

Query 7:
Which day of the week had the highest sales? Show the Day, the number of sales and Price. The results should be sorted in descending order by total sales. Save as Query 7

Query 8:
Which customers bought a WD Passport 2TB or a WD Easystore 4TB? Show the First Name, Last Name, and the Description. Save as Query 8

Query 9:
Due to a recall you need to identify the individuals who bought a LaCie rugged 5TB from Lion Direct. Show the First Name, Last Name, Description, and the Name of the supplier. Save as Query 9

Query 10:
Is there a difference in the average age and the average amount spent between men and women? Show the Sex, Average Age and Average Price. Save as Query 10
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