Individual Assessment 

Length – 2000 words (+/- 10%)

Individual assessment

Task Description

Option 1. Select an organisation** where you can investigate one of its main business processes. You could select an organisation you work for, an organisation you have previously worked for, or an organisation where a relative/friend works. Then, select one key business process where you can access information for your report. This organisation can be large or small; for profit or not for profit.

Your report must provide the following:

1) Introduction                                                                                                                               (6 marks).

A short introduction indicating a brief about the selected organisation, including the goods or services produced, number of employees, location, market target. Identify the business process you will focus on, explain why you have selected this business process and, how did you get information about BP of your selected organisation (last item is compulsory and needs to be detailed.


        2)    One Relationship Map                                                                                                             (10 marks)

(a) One relationship map, describing the organisation and identifying (and explaining) one disconnect; (b) Explain how your relationship map helps to understand organisational business processes.

Note: The relationship map needs to have at least 4 functions (or Departments) excluding customers and suppliers.

  3)     One Cross-functional map                                                                                                        (12   marks).
  (a) Develop a cross-functional map describing the selected process; (b) one cross-functional map identifying 2 disconnects and proposing improvements of the same process; (c) additional information that will help reader to understand your map (example, assumptions made; omitted activities; alternative ways of doing same activity).
4) One Flowchart                                                                                                                                        (12   marks).

(i) Develop a flowchart illustrating selected process; (ii) pinpoint the line of visibility and; two failsafing points. (iii) Explain how the identification of the line of visibility helps to improve your business process. Note, your detailed flowchart can focus on a portion of your cross-functional map, if the resultant flowchart will be more than one page long.

5) Tools for improving business processes                                                                                             (10 marks).

This question is independent from the previous ones.

You are the owner and manager of seven Coffee shops. They are located in Brisbane and Gold coast.

You have noticed some shops perform much better than other ones, but you don’t know why.

(i)           Select one of the process improvement tools discussed in this course to analyse this situation. (ii)          Select and explain two (2) performance indicators (*) and describe how you will collect data for each of one.

(iii) Elaborate a reflection about the suitability of selected quality tool to address the specific situation.

(*) Use performance measurements presented in this course only. Do not use ‘customer satisfaction’ as performance measurement.

Report Format

The report should be structured in the following way:

  • Title
  1. Introduction
  2. Relationship map
  3. Cross-functional map
  4. Flowchart
  5. Tools for process improvement
  • References (4 academic references minimum)

Important Information:

  • Students cannot select a process that is similar or same as presented in lectures/workshops;
  • Students can select similar (or same) organisations used as examples/activities in lectures/workshops. But, they need to select a very different business process than the ones presented in lectures/workshops to develop this assignment.
  • It is unacceptable to source cases from internet to develop this assignment.
  • Use of AI tools is forbidden (and lead to failure marks).
  • To facilitate explanations of maps, set numbers for arrows.
  • To show disconnects, use different colours (in arrows, circles etc).
  • If you are concerned about confidentiality/privacy issues with the organisation you work for or are reviewing, then you have the option to de-identify the organisation and use a pseudonym.
  • Attend A1 clinics for further clarifications. If unsure, ask.
  • Course convenor might request students to clarify any aspect of A1. Failure to attend course convenor request will be penalised.