You will write an analysis for Cambridge Sciences 
Pharmaceuticals’ case study.
The objective of the assignment is to provide an 
opportunity to gain an understanding of the complexities 
and challenges of managing a B2B company’s 
marketing strategy.
You are to examine the company situation and based 
on your findings and on the content in the course 
material and other reference sources, you will purpose a 
plan with three different B2B marketing strategies for the 
The required structure of your paper is (use these very 
same titles for differentiating your paper sections):
1. Company’s main problem: you are to examine the 
situation in depth and then, identify and explain the 
company’s main problem.
2. Three possible strategies: you are to propose 
three B2B strategies for the company, to face the 
problem described, with their benefits (at least three 
for each strategy) and weaknesses (at least three for 
each strategy).
3. KPIs: you are to establish how you are going to 
measure the success of your B2B marketing 
strategies, including specific goals for each KPI.
 Equip students with a critical understanding of 
marketing practices in the industrial business 
• Enable students to identify, contextualize and 
interpret the characteristics of B2B marketing and 
decision-making processes within the industrial, 
marketing, and purchasing contexts.