Intersection of business and technology

Research Paper Instructions
In this research paper, you will apply the concepts, strategies, and analytical abilities you have learned throughout the DBA 736 course to investigate, analyze, and propose a comprehensive digital transformation strategy for an organization (this can be your own company, the company you work for, a real company, or a made-up one) or sector of your choice. This project will require you to combine course topics, external research, and practical applications to provide unique solutions and strategic insights capable of driving major digital change.

Your research paper should aim to:

Discuss the intersection of business and technology within your chosen organization, highlighting the need for digital transformation.
Develop a detailed digital transformation strategy, identifying the business value and addressing potential barriers to implementation.
Analyze the impact of digital transformation within the selected sector, focusing on improvements in operations, customer service, or product/service delivery.
Propose an effective business model for the digital transformation effort, considering modern digital platforms and technologies.
Length: 9-12 pages, excluding title page, abstract, and references.
Format: APA 7th edition.
Title Page: Include the paper title, your name, course title, date, and instructor.
Abstract: Summarize the key points of your research and the significance of the digital transformation strategy proposed.
Introduction: Introduce the organization or sector, the current state of digital maturity, and the need for transformation.
Literature Review: Summarize existing research on digital transformation practices within the chosen organization, sector, or similar contexts, focusing on strategies, challenges, and outcomes.
Digital Transformation Strategy: Develop a detailed digital transformation strategy for an organization within your selected industry/sector. This should include:
Business value determination.
Organizational change roadmap.
Implementation of an effective business model for digital transformation efforts (e.g., customer service improvement, social media marketing enhancement, facilitation of remote work).
Analysis: Analyze the potential impact of your proposed digital transformation strategy on the organization and its stakeholders. You can use case studies, examples, and theoretical frameworks to support your analysis.
Implementation Plan: Outline a realistic and detailed plan for implementing your digital transformation strategy, including timelines, milestones, resource allocation, and risk management.
Conclusion: Summarize the main findings, the potential impact of the proposed strategy, and recommendations for future research.
References: Include a comprehensive list of sources cited in your paper.