Isolation improvement of 2 port mimo antenna for 5g applications. Report for this project

For all write-up, we follow British English.
2. All fonts name must be in Times New Roman.
3. A4 paper is the recommended size. Content should not extend beyond the bottom margin except for completing a footnote.
4. Line spacing, of all text, including bibliographic references, should be 1.5″.
5. All copies of a project report must have the following uniform margins throughout the entire document: Left: 1.5″  (to ensure sufficient room for binding the work), Top, Bottom, and Left: 1″
6. All page numbers should be placed at the bottom middle. Use lowercase Roman numerals (ii, iii, iv, etc.) on all pages preceding the first page of chapter one. The title page counts as page i, but the number does not appear. Therefore, the first page showing a number will be the certificate page with ii at the bottom. Arabic numerals (beginning with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) start in chapter one or the introduction.
7. Each chapter shall begin on a fresh (new) page. Chapter number and title (in Times New Roman) shall be printed at the center of the line in font size (16pt) in boldface using upper case. The space between the chapter number and the chapter title should be 1.5″.
8. A chapter can be divided into Sections, Subsections, and SubsubSections  to present different concepts separately. Sections and subsections can be numbered using decimal points, e.g., 2.2 for the second section in Chapter 2 and 2.3.4 for the fourth Subsection in the third Section of Chapter 2.
9. The Section and Sub­Section titles and their numbers should be in 14 and 12pt fonts, respectively, in boldface.
10. Table and figures shall be numbered chapter-wise. For example, the fourth figure in chapter 5 will bear the number Figure 5.4 or Fig 5.4.
11. Table/figure number and title  (in Times New Roman) shall be printed at the center of the line in font size (10pt) in boldface using both upper and lower case. The first letter of each word in the table/figure title must be in a capital case.
12. The table number and title should be placed above the table, while the figure number and caption will be located below the figure.
13. Project report (for In-house students) must be contained at least the following sections: Cover page (Front and Inside), Certificates, Acknowledgements, Abstract, Table of Content, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Abbreviations, Chapter 1 – Introduction, Chapter 2 – Literature Review & Problem Identification, Chapter 3 – Proposed Methodology and Implementation, Chapter 5 – Result Analysis, Chapter 6 – Conclusion & Future Work, References (As per standard format).
14. For the Comprehensive Projects, the students should include a write-up introducing the industry where s/he has worked.
15. The project report should be printed on a double side of white paper. All copies of the project report pages must be clear, sharp, and even, with uniform size and uniformly spaced characters, lines, and margins on every page of good quality white paper of 75 GSM or more.
16. The project report should be free from typographical errors.
17. A minimum of three copies of the hard bounded report will be required (one for each mentor, Department, and student). If any group has more than one student and supervisor, the number of copies will be increased accordingly).
18. The student shall get the approval of their written material on a spiral-bonded copy of the report before finally binding the report.
19. The final report shall be hard bounded.
20. The color of the cover page of the report shall be Black
21. The student should submit the final copy of the project, the similarity report (Plagiarism should be less than 10 %) and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to the Department in soft copy format.