IT-02 Support Analyst working at a Shared Services Canada


You are an IT-02 Support Analyst working at a Shared Services Canada (SSC) office in Regina,

Saskatchewan (SK).

o This team provides the IT network services to all Government of Canada (GC) offices in

Regina and Southern Saskatchewan.

o There are four other SSC employees in this office who are part of your team This includes;

 One IT-03 Team Leader

 Two other IT-02 Support Analysts

 One IT-01 Support Technician


You arrive at the office at 07:00 on a Monday morning and are the first from your team to arrive. Upon

arrival , you are faced with the following items requiring action:

o You are scheduled to install six switches at an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

office in Regina, as part of a national network upgrade project.

 It was planned that the IT-01 would assist with this effort. Your Team Leader had

requested that you provide some on the job training for your IT-01 colleague as part

of this activity.


o There is a report of a possible network outage at the AAFC office located in Swift Current, SK.

 It is unclear as to what is happening, and/or who is impacted.

o The commanding officer from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Recruiting Centre in Regina

left a message on your personal workspace voicemail after hours on Friday. The message

stated that their network was slow. He continued by mentioning that he was trying to

download some videos and that it was taking a lot longer than it would have taken at his

home office.

 This was not the first time he had called about this issue. Past investigations have

confirmed that the network is functional, but bandwidth is limited (and CAF does not

want to commit funds to upgrade it).

 The commanding officer did not call the HelpDesk as he should have, per usual

procedure, Instead, he left the message on your personal voicemail.


o You have received a medium priority incident ticket stating that multiple users at various

locations cannot access their pay information (MyGCPay Web application).



Your team leader has requested an email outlining how you will prioritize these tasks. Using

the template provided, please explain how you will approach the tasks and also include how

they would be prioritized. Note that response should be limited to 750 words or less.

Explain how you would approach and trouble-shoot each of these action items. Also, please

include what you would suggest to your team leader on how to prioritize the work. You are to

provide your plan in the format of an e-mail to your Team Leader, explaining how you plan to

approach these problems, and how you will prioritize the work

To note:

o Ability to communicate in writing will be assessed

o Response must be limited to 750 words or less.