Labor Market Research, Global Career Opportunities, and Company

Week 1: Labor Market Research, Global Career Opportunities, and Company Research

  • Due 9 May by 22:59
  • Points 65
  • Submitting a file upload
  • File types doc and docx
  • Available 1 May at 22:59 – 16 May at 22:59 15 days

Your assignment will require investigation into the current status of careers in your field of study and potential employers.

There are four parts to this assignment, and your responses will be submitted by filling out the attached Week 1 Assignment Template (Links to an external site.).

The steps for this assignment are listed below.

Part 1: Describe Your Career Objectives

Explain, in a minimum of 100 words, the career that you aspire to achieve. Consider your career objectives after graduation, in 5 years, and beyond.

Part 2: Labor Market Research
  • Based on the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook at (Links to an external site.), locate the Quick Facts for your career occupational area (based on your field of study) and insert the most recent data next to the five categories.
    Median Pay:
    Number of Jobs:
    Job Outlook:
    Employment Change
Part 3: Global Career Research

Read the pdf “Where are the Jobs” (–en/index.htm (Links to an external site.)) published by the International Labour Organization, or locate another reputable source of information for data on global employment trends by occupation.

Based on your research, what are the global employment trends for your occupational area? Describe what you learned from your research and cite the source: (Author, Year, URL or library database).

Part 4: Company Research

Based on your company research from sources listed in the Week 1 Lesson or other reputable sources, fill out the chart with information about two companies where you would like to work, either local, national, or global. Cite the source for your research (Author, Year, URL or library database).

It is required to complete this assignment by filling out the Week 1 Assignment Template. Spelling and grammar should be accurate.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document named LastNameWeek1.docx (not a pdf or MAC file) by the Sunday deadline.

The grading rubric for this assignment is below.