leadership styles in business management and their impact on environmental decision making

I’m in need of an experienced academic freelancer capable of conducting thorough research and analysis on leadership styles in business management and their impact on environmental decision making. Research proposal will be provided. Key Objectives: – Undertake a comprehensive examination of different leadership styles in a business management context – Measure and analyze their impact on environmental decision making – Identify and substantiate the most effective leadership style for promoting sustainable ecological practices – Explore in-depth the relationship between various leadership styles and environmental decision making Ideal Skills: – Strong research skills in business management, particularly in leadership – Firm understanding of sustainable practices and environmental decision making – Excellent academic writing and argumentation abilities – Experience in creating comprehensive dissertations or research-based documents. Your main task will be providing a detailed, data-driven approach, which results in clear conclusions and compelling proposals drawn from the analysis. I anticipate a multi-faceted project that relies heavily on your penchant for thorough research and academic excellence. Must demonstrate research skills, and adopt relevant research methodology, drawing on a range of sources, and employing different information search strategies, arriving at valid and reliable research conclusions. Must include: – Introduction (stating the research question investigated, and the reasons for choosing it) – Literature Review (references to the literature, including scholarly journal articles, relevant to the research question investigated) Provide critical review and synthesis of existing literature, that includes scholarly journal articles, in the area so as to situate the problem/topic within a theoretical / practical context – Research Approach/Methodology​(e.g.,​inductive, deductive; theoretical framework, grounded theory; quantitative, qualitative; exploratory, experimental, observational, causal; survey, case study) Present the research methodology, research design; and use data sources and evidence to investigate the problem/issue and support central arguments/ideas – Data Sample and Sources (e.g. Bloomberg, Bankscope, ONS, survey data) – Data analysis and Results (Charts, tables, numerical analysis) – Conclusions and Recommendations (contribution to the topic area) Provide research analysis and present a coherent set of recommendations/ conclusions – References (Harvard referencing style should be used) – Appendices Word count 4500 words.