Microsoft Purview

Introduction to Microsoft Purview Brief overview of Microsoft Purview The importance of data governance and compliance in today’s digital landscape Core Features of Microsoft Purview Unified Data Governance: Explanation of how Purview integrates various data governance services across Microsoft platforms. Compliance Management: Overview of compliance tools and capabilities within Purview, such as compliance scoring and policy management. Data Protection: Discuss Purview’s data protection features, including data loss prevention (DLP), sensitive data discovery, and classification. Insider Risk Management: Explanation of tools to detect and mitigate risks from within the organization. Adaptive Protection: Introduce the concept of adaptive protection and how it uses AI and machine learning to tailor DLP controls. Information Protection and Governance: Detail the mechanisms for protecting sensitive information and managing data lifecycle. Key Benefits of Microsoft Purview Enhanced Data Security: How Purview enhances the security posture of an organization by providing comprehensive data protection and risk management tools. Improved Compliance Posture: Discuss how Purview simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements and reduces compliance risks. Data Insight and Visibility: Explain how Purview offers visibility into data across the organization, facilitating better data management and decision-making. Efficiency and Cost Savings: Overview of how automating governance and compliance processes with Purview can lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings. Microsoft Purview in Action: Use Cases Regulatory Compliance: How organizations use Purview for GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulatory compliances. Data Discovery and Classification: Real-world examples of how businesses leverage Purview to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data. Insider Threat Detection: Case studies on detecting and mitigating insider threats using Purview. Cross-platform Data Governance: Examples of Purview managing data across cloud and on-premises environments, including third-party cloud services. Getting Started with Microsoft Purview Step-by-Step Guide: A basic guide on how to start using Microsoft Purview, including setup and configuration tips. Best Practices: Advice on best practices for implementing and utilizing Microsoft Purview effectively.