Multi-cloud approaches will lead to a breakdown of barriers between providers

TOPIC- Multi-cloud approaches will lead to a breakdown of barriers between providers. – Formatted using the IEEE Conference Style Template in two column mode (Note: It is not required to create your report using LaTeX, but the report must be as per the IEEE Template). The IEEE LaTeX and Microsoft Word RTF templates can be found at: – Between 6 to 10 pages in length depending on the scope you cover. The report is quite flexible and open-ended; it defines the technologies that support and advance this trend and includes your opinions and observations about it. You are also free to provide instances of these deployments from the actual world. It is recommended that you employ several charts, graphs, and tables in your report to demonstrate how these technologies will affect cloud computing in the future. As a guide, you could ask yourself the following queries, without being restricted to: • Why has the velocity of this specific trend increased recently? • Which important technological components—hardware, software, architecture, etc.—are involved in this trend? • What spurred this trend’s development? Which applications is it going to support? • What does this development indicate for major suppliers of cloud computing services? • Exist any other comparable technologies that were not as well received in the past? • What advantages does this trend offer to customers? What drawbacks exist? • How would you assess this trend’s level of success? • In the next five years, do you think this technological trend will mature? • How would you raise your friends’ and family’s understanding of cloud computing? They may not have had much exposure to it, but they are curious to learn more. MARKING CRITERIA: 1. Formatting: The report is in PDF format and is formatted according to the IEEE Conference template. All figures and tables have the proper labels. • Vector images and figures; typefaces compiled into PDF documents. The formatting is neat; no words or tables extend above the margins of a column or page. 2. Organisation The report has been submitted in an IEEE paper style, which includes an abstract, an introduction, and a conclusion. The report is comprehensive, however certain sections lack necessary depth. The issue is organised into a clear and uncomplicated structure. An accurate reference list is included. Every section has enough detail, and the reference list is organised properly. Subsections are used as needed to clearly define various components of the laboratory tasks and outcomes. 3. Analysis of Research A thorough analysis of the research problem in detail A careful and in-depth examination of the topics covered in the report; • Effective citation of previous research to bolster your claims 4. Language Written in a style appropriate for an audience of professionals.