Nursing Paper

I need an expert to shorten and refine my nursing paper based on the following questions and instructions: A. Please investigate and respond to the following points (done already by me): 1.What is the stated mission of the organization (ANA)? Please reflect and write on this mission as it relates to health policy. 2.What specific nursing/health issues are important to this organization and why? (choose those you wish to highlight – do not need to cover all). 3.What work is the organization engaged in to address policy issues such as COVID-19? How is the organization doing this work?

4.How might nurses who are interested in policy advancement get involved with the work of this organization? (you might discuss one specific area of concern to you).

5.At least one additional point/question of your own design. B. Provide a (2-4 page, double-spaced) documentation of the “interview”/investigation with commentary that includes reflections and critical analysis on the information obtained and the way in which information was presented. The commentary may be interwoven in the documentation of the “interview”/investigation or may be added at the end of the document. (PLEASE HELP on this especially) Grading Criteria: Ability to elicit informative answers from interviewee [50%] Your reflections and critical analysis on the process and information [50%] The project involves: – Improving grammar and punctuation – Enhancing sentence structure and clarity – Reorganizing and formatting in APA 7 for a clean look The entire paper is about four pages in length. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in proofreading, editing, and academic writing related to nursing.


ANA Mission and Relation to Health Policy