outline of the project plan

Writer needed for “project details” section of educational grant application (sample below). I will provide a detailed outline of the project plan. Some research will be required, but not much.

I need a quick turnaround time, preferably within the next 3 days. So you must be available immediately.

I will provide the details to be included in the proposal. I then want to see the first 3 paragraphs that you draft. If I am satisfied with the quality of your work, we can finish the entire project. If not, we will end the project there.

i. Describe the proposed project; (up to 1000 words)
ii. Discuss how the proposed Education project will educate and empower youth. (up to 750 words)
iii. Discuss the pedagogical approach to the proposed project; (up to 750 words)
iv. Discuss the ways in which the proposed project aligns with the mission of the funder. (up to 500 words)
i. Describe your goals and anticipated outputs and outcomes  (up to 500 words)
ii. Describe how you will evaluate your project. (up to 500 words)