Personal theory of the role of integration of faith within counseling

The purpose of this paper is to communicate a personal theory of about the role of integration of faith within counseling. Paper should be APA format, and between 10-12 pages. 5-7 scholarly sources should be cited (textbooks may be used). Main headings of the paper will include: I. Introduction II. Definition of Integration of Faith and Practice III. Description of the Integrative Process a. View of truth (epistemology) b. View of human nature (anthropology) c. View of how to integrate aspects of the Christian faith into therapy (possibilities include the following, but these can be creative/personalized) i. Prayer & Scripture ii. Sin & confession iii. Forgiveness & Redemption IV. Professional Development Plan –Outline your intentions to enhance your knowledge and skills in the integration of faith and practice in the future V. Conclusion VI. References – APA 7th ed.