How does economy affect global health?
Examining global health issues from a socio-ecological perspective may reveal certain aspects of socio-economics in contributing to differences observed in health between countries. The differences in observed health may further reveal dimensions of poverty and hunger that may also exert effects to overall health. Consider, for example, trends in poverty and hunger between developed countries such as the United States versus those countries that are developing such as Ethiopia or Cambodia. How might economics or access to resources to address poverty and hunger differ between these countries? What health trends may be most associated with poverty and hunger between these countries?
Within the global context, initiatives and programs have been developed to address economics as they relate to public health issues such as poverty, hunger, access to clean water, and health. From providing nourishment to less developed countries to initiating grass-roots movements to advocate for marginalized population groups in these countries, approaching the problem of economics as it concerns poverty and hunger will vary.

For this Discussion, consider the relationship between economics and global health issues, such as poverty, hunger, etc. Research and select an international initiative that is working toward addressing a particular health issue and discuss the effectiveness of the approaches implemented.