Powerpoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Plan and produce an organized and logically planned and executed research approach for a business topic of your choice.

– Identify a business problem that you will conduct market research to solve (solve market markets/products / products / customers/employees/revenue/profits issues)

– Determine the type of data needed to solve the problem you identified, and the research tool to collect the necessary data

– Design your selected tool(s)

– Analyze the data you collected


– Introduction

– Background

– Business Opportunity

– Research Objectives

– Methodology (data collection methods: secondary, primary, quantitative, qualitative, sampling; data analysis techniques)

– Implementation Plan (time and cost estimates)

– Data Analysis and Interpretation

– Business Recommendation

– Conclusion

– References

Present your findings and actionable insights to the class in a PowerPoint format presentation.

feedback on export research submitted by me

Content and Analysis – Good overall feel for the export and your  market demonstrated – good empirical details stand out here – evidence  of export market analysis – but could use a bit more details/cost  benefit SWOT would have been useful 7/10

Structure – good structure in place, sourcing good – overall clear presentation 7.5/10