Preparing Marketing Strategy

You and a business partner are in the process of starting your own business.  A group of potential investors have been identified and are scheduled to receive a formal presentation on your developed marketing strategy.  Choose one of the business ideas listed below, and develop a marketing strategy for the business. Include the type of market research you will perform and how you will define your target market. (Information, Systems)


  • Crafts store to capitalize on the renewed interest in knitting and other crafts
  • Online corporate-training company
  • Ethnic restaurant near your campus
  • Another business opportunity that interests you

Because of your expert presentation skill, your partner has asked you to present the brief to the perspective investors who represent senior executive level management. Create a PowerPoint presentation on your developed marketing strategy.

(Hint: Senior executives should be presented with a general overview checklist with limited details. In an actual presentation, you as the presenter, can verbalize details if asked questions).

The activity will be graded in three categories:

accuracy of content (40 points),

  • completeness of content (40 points), and
  • creativity (20 points)

Students will be evaluated on how well they adapt to utilizing the terms/themes identified in the course textbook and journal article.