Project Requirements:


● Develop a Service Architecture Diagram for Project Beta that clearly depicts the


following components:


○ End-user Products & Services (VOD, Cloud Gaming, eLearning, etc.)


○ Project Beta Management Platform (Local Servers) with functionalities (Client


onboarding, Content moderation, Billing, etc.)


○ Service Delivery Platform (SDP) Integrations (Provisioning, Content Delivery,


User Management)


○ End-Users


● Include data flow between these components, illustrating how user requests, content,


and data move through the system.


● Highlight security measures implemented (secure protocols, data storage




● Deliver the final output in a user-friendly, open-source format like or XML for


easy editing.


Technical information:


● We prioritise seamless integration, efficient service delivery, and robust security in


our architecture.


Additional Information:


● Briefly describe the benefits of this architecture (efficiency, compliance, scalability,




Selection Criteria:


● Proven experience in creating Service Architecture Diagrams


● Familiarity with or similar open-source diagramming tools


● Understanding of data flow and system interactions




● Please specify your budget for this project in your proposal.




● We are open to discussing a reasonable timeline for project completion.