Project Management assignments

Project Management


Project management helps you answer questions such as:


What is to be done?


Who will complete the task?


When must it be done?


How much will it cost?


What happens if work isn’t completed on time?


Typically, project management involves three major activities:


Planning the project and creating a schedule This includes defining the tasks and their duration, setting up relationships between tasks, and, if you are tracking resource usage, assigning resources. ALL later phases of the project are based directly on the information you provide when you first plan your project.


Managing changes This is an ongoing process that begins once you create a schedule, and the project starts and ends when the project is complete. It includes tracking and adjusting your schedule to reflect changes that occur as the project progresses.


Communicating project information This is a very important process that involves communicating project information to clients, project staff, and management.


Project management software is productivity software that will assist you in each of these steps. Many professionals find it is among the most productive tools in their skill set. Some Information Systems professionals will find it essential to their jobs while many others will use it only on an occasional basis.


Project Assignment Framework


Purpose of Assignment:


This assignment is designed to provide you with practical experience in applying project management concepts. A project subject can be different from subjects given below (without informing you can define your own project subject which can be out of the project subject list given below).


Project Subjects:


Implementation of 5S at workplace or implementation in an organization Facility layout project in a production or service system Kanban implementation project in a manufacturing system Line balancing project


ERP/CRM implementation project


Quality management system implementation TPM Implementation project


Six sigma project (All improvement projects) Reorganization project


Value analyze/ Value engineering project Construction projects


Software projects New investment projects


Organization projects (wedding, sporting competition, song contest, conference, etc.)


Requirements Deadline:


May, 24, 2024


Two files: Upload your assignment (Two files: Ms project and doc) into stix


Create your own project (min 20 activities) in MS Project


Create three reports (Reports should be in just one doc file)


o Gantt Chart – Schedule


o Budget Report


o Resource Report


To do list:


Enter project information (info, start date, finish date etc.) Set the calendar (create your own project calendar)


Set the working time Define tasks


Designate tasks and subtasks (WBS logic) Enter durations for each task Set milestones


Establish relationships between tasks


Create a resource sheet (resources names, types, costs, etc.) Assign resources (enter resources for each task)


Check resource usage and level resources (if necessary) Update the project schedule Create reports