Project Proposal

Final draft of the Project Proposal must be at least fifteen pages and at least 6000 words, single-spaced, with at least six figures (more are strongly recommended), and a minimum of fourteen references (the majority scholarly/expert).

Again, in list form:

  • fifteen or more pages
  • 6000 or more words (all parts together, including refs)
  • six or more figures (visuals)
  • fourteen or more references (all cited in the text)
  • eight or more scholarly/expert references, most or all of which are not just cited but discussed in the body of the proposal

Structural Requirements

The following are described in detail in Magrino, chapter 7, and you should have already looked there and at least browsed the two sample projects.

  • Cover Letter  one full page, not numbered or titled.
  • Title Page  one page (not numbered)
  • Abstract one page (Roman numeral i)
  • Table of Contents one page (Roman numeral ii)
  • Table of Figures  one page (Roman numeral iii)
  • Optional: Table of Tables one page (Roman numeral iv)
  • Introduction  generally two or more pages of text plus figures (Arabic numeral 1)
  • Literature Review (or Research) generally two or more pages of text plus figures
  • Plan (or Procedures) generally two or more pages
  • Budget
  • Discussion (perhaps including an Evaluation Plan; ways to extend the plan, if successful; ways to adapt the plan in different contexts )
  • References
  • Appendix (if necessary: e.g., emails, interview transcripts, expanded data, expanded visuals)

The Introduction, Literature Review, and Plan (the main sections of the body of the proposal) should be divided into sub-sections and even sub-sub-sections with descriptive headings. Stage One is a weak descriptive heading. “Stage One: Training the Outreach Staff  is a better descriptive heading.