Project Risk And Quality Management Strategy

Project Risk and Quality Management Strategy

Risk exists on all projects. The amount of risk and the degree to which individual risks may impact the project varies depending on the profile of your project. Identifying the risks on projects is a creative process that requires both critical thinking and experience in the project environment. Expert judgment in the type of industry or project can also be very valuable for identifying and analyzing project risk.

Develop a risk management strategy for your project. Describe the scope, schedule and cost risk of your project. Provide a risk response strategy for each risk.

Your project quality management strategy must include a statement explaining the difference between quality assurance and quality control.  In your strategy, describe the quality requirements for your project. Describe how you will manage project quality.

The specific parts of the Friendly Assisted Living Facility case study you will need to prepare the risk and quality management strategies for the project plan are listed below.

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  • Part 5: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Program Plan 5 (pp. 179-181)
    • Friendly Assisted Living Facility Construction

Refer to the Project Plan Template for specific instructions on how to complete these components of the project plan.