Proposal & Search


HSO Search (1 paragraph). In your first paragraph, you will identify an HSO that you would like to use as the basis for your grant proposal/final project. To conduct your search, visit the site:, and search for an organization in your city and state (please note that you will have to register for this free service). Choose an organization that provides services to your community, and that seems interesting to you. Then, in a paragraph, provide the name of the organization, the organization web address/URL, and a 3-5 sentence description of the organization mission.

Proposal Idea (1 short paragraph). After you identify an organization, youll need to narrow the focus of your grant by coming up with a proposal idea that will improve your selected organization ability to meet the needs of those it serves in a specific manner. To do so, you may choose one of the specific services listed beneath the following four broad service areas (A through D below) typically addressed by HSOs, or formulate a focus of your own, based on the needs of the population served by your designated HSO. The specific service you choose will serve as the basis for your grant proposal.

  1. Youth & Families Services: school drop-out prevention; increasing parental involvement; violence prevention; substance abuse prevention
  2. Homelessness & Housing Services: permanent supportive housing; transitional housing; emergency shelter; supportive services
  3. Disability Services: accommodative enhancements; accessible housing opportunities; employment assistance; legal assistance and advocacy
  4. Employment Services: job training readiness; job placement; vocational training, computer training