Psychology Discussion

Use attached book for reference/sources

350 words


–  For your final group question, you will need to watch the YouTube video: “What is consciousness? /The Economist”.  You can find a link to the video in Module 14.This video provides a big picture overview of the course and its content – your discussion question is in two parts:  1) What was the most salient or significant part of the video for you?  Why?   2) What has changed in your thinking about the topic of consciousness as a result of taking this course? (watch)

–  Find an article on the internet on some aspect of consciousness studies that you find of interest.  Share the link and then describe why the article and topic it addresses particularly interests you.  Be sure to be specific as to why the information presented activated your attention and interest and where it fits in your emerging view of how to make sense of the phenomenon of consciousness.

–  From your perspective, what is the most important question going forward for the scientific study of consciousness? Why?