Psychology Reaction Paper 1


REACTION PAPER #1 consists of 3 numbered pages sent as an upload.

Page 1 is the title page of the reaction paper. Always place only the following five items on page 1 of each Reaction Paper (points are deducted for omitting any of the five items):

1. The Reaction Paper #1 which is the title of the paper.

2. Reaction Paper due date.

3.  Course Name and section number, e.g., General Psy-101-000WB, Abnormal Psy-102-111LS, Developmental Psy-106-222WB

4. Your Name

5. Your email address

Pages 2 and 3 are for the text of the reaction paper.

1. Relate as many course concepts and theories to the topic as you can. Use these concepts to support or challenge the Reaction Paper topic. That is, use course material to analyze the topic, and/or illustrate material that you have learned in the course by using examples pertaining to the topic. Make sure that you define the chosen concepts in the body of your paper, and

2. Use one of the psychological schools of thought that were developed in your text (behavioral or social learning psychology, biological psychology, psychodynamic psychology, humanistic psychology, etc.,) to analyze your paper. Make sure that you explain the theory briefly in a few sentences and that you mention it at salient points in the paper.

Your grade will be based mainly on your Turnitin score and in part upon your ability to use the theories and concepts discussed in the course material. You should use (define and illustrate) relevant terms and concepts in your answers and make sure that you have carefully defined each of them. These short papers will ask you to utilize course information in the analysis of specific issues in the course. Your Reaction Paper must have one and one half to two pages of text — double-spaced — and it should reflect knowledge that you have gained from reading your assigned readings. That is, you will be graded upon your use and definition of relevant concepts, theories, and names that have been presented in the course materials. You may choose to also add a few sentences of your own personal views on the issues as well (a point is deducted for not double spacing or not following directions).


Reaction Paper -You may choose any one of these topics for the Reaction paper. 

1. What did you find interesting in the article on the Introduction/home page about –

The extraordinary case of the Guevedoces?

Children Whose Penises Don’t Appear Until Puberty

Here is the link –

2. What did you find interesting in the video on the Introduction/home page by Dr. Robert Sapolsky?

A video about the Uniqueness of Humans by Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Here is the link –

3. What did you find interesting in the video Commencement Speech by Dr. Rick Rigsby on the Introduction/home page?

Here is the link –

4. What did you find interesting in the article on the Introduction/home page about – ON WHY HUMANS, LIKE ANTS, NEED A TRIBE.


Here is the link –