Public Health

part 1:

In review of this weeks content, reflect upon your understanding of the role of qi and prana in balancing ones health and wellness. Discuss their similarities, differences, and how you can apply these concepts to your health journey.

Journal Requirements:

1) 1.5 – 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman

2) Use of textbook, PowerPoints, Course resources

3) No additional research necessary – use your knowledge, experience, and resources.

4) Must submit on-time; no late submissions will be accepted.



You have been asked to present a case to the President of the United States that reorganizes the healthcare system in the Unites States. You must make your case by interpreting the position and interests of specific groups that represent the U.S. Healthcare system. You will be interpreting the cases of the below groups or individuals. For this assignment, find the largest representative association website for the group or individual (some examples provided). Read and interpret their position on the topic. Put your cases together in a narrative from 350-500 words. Be sure to reference the website (s) and position statement (s) using APA citations.

  1. Physicians (American Medical Association)
  2. Public Health Professionals (American Public Health Association)
  3. Private Insurance Company (Any large insurance company Aetna, United Healthcare, etc. not Medicare/Medicaid)
  4. Democratic United States Senator (from any state, be sure to reference who you chose)
  5. Attorneys (American bar Association)

(the attchement for this AS is the medical care and public health)