Pyschology Discussion

 To complete this discussion:

  • First, after you have started reading your weekly material, visit the following American Psychological Association Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Links to an external site.) web page about the field of I/O psychology and do a Google search for jobs associated with I/O psychology.
  • Then, discuss your previous knowledge about the potential for careers associated with I/O Psychology.
    • Does any of the information you read about sound like an area of psychology that may be of interest to you?
  • Next, discuss your identified career goals for the future and how the skills associated with I/O psychology, discussed in Chapter 1 of your text, and reviewed in the video, Industrial / Organizational Psychology, (Links to an external site.) could be applicable to help you succeed and grow as an individual, outside of the I/O field.
  • Lastly, search I/O Psychology Theories on the internet.
    • Identify and share a theory associated with I/O psychology, explaining it to your peers.
      • Cite the source you used to learn about the theory within your explanation.
    • Explain how the theory could relate to your future career success.

Your initial post should be between 300 and 400 words. You must support your discussion by citing the required textbook.