Real Vs Fake Images

AS 1:

Find two images that have different impacts on you: one image that strikes you as seeming very real (however you use that term) and another image that strikes you as seeming false (again using that term in whatever way you see fit).

Write a one-page essay exploring the issue of real versus false in those images. What makes the one image seem real and what makes the other seem false? How did you interpret those terms and how do the two images represent them to you. Were you thinking about visual accuracy or emotional truth or cultural relevance? Something else? How are the two images different and what aspects of each did you focus on to make your choices. Do you think most people would agree with your selections or are they very personal and private to you?


(for this assignment, you may choose any two images of your choice)


AS 2:

Find an image from any source (it can be abstract or not, it’s up to you) and do a formal analysis of it. In other words, write about the impact of the image through its Appearance.

Pick any of the elements (color, shapes, lines) and/or any of the principles (balance, hierarchy, contrast) that seem important in the impact of the image and write about their effect on you. Although you may mention aspects of the content or what the images depicts, try NOT to concentrate on that aspect. Instead focus on the feeling that you get from the elements and principles. You might even want to look at the image upside down for a few moments in order to avoid focusing too much on what it shows. Your goal here is to see if you can get a sense of how things like color and shape or balance and hierarchy affect you or have an impact on you or make you feel a certain way when you look at the image. Try to use descriptive words like calm or frenzied, gentle or intense, rigid or flowing (or even poetry of that works).

400 words min

please click the link below and chose 1 painting for only Assignment 2.