Analysis Of An Interpersonal Relationship

In this paper, you will analyze a current or past relationship. This relationship can be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Briefly describe the time period in which this relationship occurred or is occurring and who the other person is to you, describing the relational type utilizing terms from Chapter 10. What are the costs and rewards of this relationship (pp. 284-286)? Describe at least one dialectical tension in the relationship and how you managed it (pp. 288-291). Describe a time when you had a conflict with this individual. What was the conflict trigger (pp. 360-361)? What were the elements of the conflict (pp. 353-355)? What were the characteristics of the conflict (content, relational, and procedural dimensions, direct/indirectness, harm/benefit (pp. 357-360)? What were the impacts of sex, gender, and culture on the conflict (pp. 362-365)? What characteristics and forms of power were present in the conflict (pp. 367-375)? Finally, what problematic conflict behaviors were present and which of the five general strategies did you use to manage the conflict (pp. 375-381)?

In your paper, you MUST:

  1. Identify each concept and define the concept in your own words (do not use direct quotes from the text). YOU MUST PROVIDE TEXTUAL CITATIONS FROM YOUR TEXTBOOK TO AVOID PLAGIARISM. Do so like this: (Floyd, 2021). Then provide a Reference page at the end, like this: Floyd, K. (2021). Interpersonal communication. (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill.
  2. Thoroughly explain the connection between your example to each course concept/theory.


  1. Your paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Provide appropriate in-text citations as well as an APA reference sheet
  3. Assignments should be typed, single-spaced, and 1 full page in length.
  4. Edit your paper carefully for grammar, word choice, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  5. Organize your thoughts carefully. For each new idea, you should have a new paragraph.
  6. Provide clear transitions between paragraphs.