Reflective Journal- Staff Ride

YOU MUST ensure that you address how the preliminary phase, the field study phase, and the integration phase can help achieve your intended results (based upon reading CMH Pub 70-21, 2014). Ensure that you identify what the overall development goal is for your staff ride. If you use references, then cite IAW APA standards.

Analyze the concepts and theories you read about in T111, L107, and S302, and L104; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, identify and analyze a historic campaign or battle (T111) that you can use as a staff ride to develop the Professional Character of an organization (L107). Approach this journaling from a Sergeant Major perspective on how you would plan and implement this staff ride to assess and address performance gaps and develop the workforce within your organization (S302).

Assigned Readings:

1. (T111: Staff Ride)

2. CMH Pub 70-21, 2014).

3. (L107: Army Leadership and the Profession, ADP 6-22,  pp. 1-1  1-12, para 1-1  1-69 (12 pages)