Relational Operators


Read the following requirements, first write pseudo code based on  your understanding, and then develop a Java application program based on  your pseudo code.

  1. The program will first ask users to key in their taxable annual income.
  2. Depending on the income level, the program will calculate the tax owed. Using the following table as reference:

Income tax bracket percentage:

$8,500: 10%

$8,500 – $34,500: 15%

$34,500 -$83,600: 25%

$83,600- $174,400: 28%

$174,400 – $379,150: 33%

$379,150 and above: 35%

Hint: use the following as reference to write if and else statement.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Ability to use pseudo code.
  2. Ability to use a selection statement in Java.
  3. Ability to use a repetitive statement in Java.