Research-Based (Or Evidence-Based) Practice

  5 DQ 2

I believe that most healthcare institutions, not just mine, take evidence-based practice extremely seriously. It has been clearly shown that implementing evidence-based practice generally leads to an improvement in patientcare outcomes across the board in more instances than not (Black et al., 2016). Same thing is heavily stressed upon in my workplace as well. We are constantly encouraged to remain vigilant and informed about all the various research studies that are being conducted involving the healthcare industry, particularly if it involves nursing.

The leadership is constantly on the lookout on how to apply the new findings in improving the overall healthcare provided in the institution. It is very important for nurses because so much of the patientcare rely on the nurse. Even a slight improvement in the nursing standards can lead to a significant improvement in the overall quality of care, which is important (Karaca & Durna, 2019). We often participate in group discussions where there are presentations on something new or different in the healthcare industry that we should try to implement in our own. In addition to that, nurses are constantly encouraged to self-reflect and identify if the change has brought about positive results or not.

Evaluation is a critical component of research-based practice. Just because a study result might be appropriate and useful in one place, there is no guarantee it would be effective everywhere, and evaluation will ensure only processes which are effective in the necessary setting will be implemented. That is why it is critical for nurses to continuously aim for self-improvement and not just be content with the current standards.

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references to support this discussion.


According to the textbook, nurses in various settings are adopting a research-based (or evidence-based) practice that incorporates research findings into their decisions and interactions with clients. How do you see this being applied in your workplace?