Research Essay: Born A Crime 6-8 Pages- MLA Format- Correct Works Cited Page. PLEASE READ THOROUGLY

You’re NOT being asked to research and then simply summarize or regurgitate the findings of your research. The difference is that your thesis and subsequent argumentative analysis will be thoroughly based on credible academic research. Let your research influence and guide your argument and analysis.

Your Task: Write a 6-8 page, thesis-driven argumentative analysis essay grounded in academic research addressing one of the following prompts. Your essay must integrate evidence from Born a Crime and at least 3 credible academic sources found through the LMC library databases.

here is the lmc library link: find 3 credible sources to use and cite.


  1. Racism and prejudice are key themes in the memoir, yet it’s often lauded as being spectacularly funny. Consider the balance between humor and the severity of these themes. What is the major purpose of humor in the memoir? How and why does Noah use humor to communicate his message?

6-8 pages on born a crime, cite 3 sources,  

here is a link to help break down Born A Crime