See the outline of the topic selected for the Final Research Proposal attached. Apply the scientific method by suggesting both a specific research question and a hypothesis for the topic in the outline.

Evaluate the chosen four peer-reviewed articles attached by summarizing each and explaining how the research design described in each article could be useful for designing original research on the topic in the outline. Compare and contrast the paradigms or world views inherent in the methodology associated with each research design. Apply professional standards and situate yourself as a researcher by identifying which of these approaches best fits with your worldview.

Basically this is a literature review of the four articles attached about research designs for each research methods. In the literature review, explain the design described in each article, and how it would be applied to the research topic in the outline attached.In those descriptions, identify which research design from a research method would best fit the topic in the outline attached and then explain why you would use that particular one for the topic. Please see the Research Designs for each Research Methods that were selected for the four articles for the literature review in the reference page attached.