Research Paper (2000 Words)

The teacher requires one resource per page, so we will need 6-7 resources (using a different one on every page), and the teacher wants ACADEMIC resources.

– You can use the NIV (

– The book you did the chapter review (Christ and Culture  attached),

– Encountering World Religions: A Christian Introduction (

– I have also found 2 academic articles for you that is on the topic (attached).

I need to write the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism and discuss whether the similarities are significant or not. The research paper also needs to include a biography of the person who started the religion, an overview of their teachings, how those teachings are similar to and different from Christianity, and an explanation of the significance of those differences and similarities.

Introduction (about 1 page): introduce the two religions, the persons who started the two religions, overview of teachings, thesis (similarities and differences in teachings and significance of those differences and similarities)

Similarities in teachings 1: stay away from worldly corruption/desire (one of the articles attached discusses this)

Similarities in teachings 2: love all people (another attached article discusses this)

These are the points I can think of. The book Encountering World Religions: A Christian Introduction introduces Christianity and has parts on Buddhism, so you can just browse through those. I think if you can find another similarity and then may be 2 differences and discuss the significance + a conclusion, that should give you the length.