Research Paper

3-5 PAGES, and must be typed

  • Title page and references page (not included in 3-5 pages)
  • Include Table of Contents (not included in 3-5 pages)
  • At least 5 total references
    • At least 3 references from professional journals.
    • 2 sources can be from the internet.
  • Cover latest research, controversial studies, history of the topic, etc.
  • Make sure to have a strong introduction and conclusion
  • Provide a good and detailed nutrition component
  • Please use APA format for references page and title page.
  • Please pick a topic from the list below and notify the instructor of your choice. If you want to do another topic not listed please see instructor first.


Food Intolerance versus Food Allergy

Food Additives

Osteoporosis and Diet

Depression and Nutrition

Farm to Table

Genetically modified foods

Ketogenic Diet

School lunch

Antibiotics given to animals in our food supply

Alzheimer and Diet

Parkinson and Nutrition

Cloning animals in the food supply

Military Diet


Benefits of Zumba, yoga, step aerobics, etc

Smoking and Nutrition

Alcohol and Nutrition