Topic: Children should/should not be exposed to computer technology until late in the education process because computers often distract young learners from learning the basics.

POST 1: (5 to 6 lines long) 

1. What is your selected topic (See a list of topics in the Syllabus).

2. What is your argument (Take a side).

3. What is your audience?

4. What is your working thesis/essay map?

5. What is your counterargument (The argument from the other side)?

[Note that this thesis statement is only ONE sentence long. Yours should be, too. It should include the specific argument plus three supporting elements as illustrated here.]

The Table of Contents is not included in the pagination of the research paper but are mandatory. Voluntary or involuntary omission of the Table of Contents and/or Works Cited page will result in a lower letter grade on students’ research papers at the discretion of the instructor. FYI: No other topic will be accepted outside the list provided in the syllabus.

Use varied sources (at least 1 book, 1 article from a scholarly journal, 1 article from a magazine or newspaper, interviews, videos, etc…)  to develop your criticism, at least five (5), not more than seven (7).

Each document should be at least five (5) pages long, including articles from newspapers and magazines, and NOT MORE than 10 years old.