Annotated Bibliography Assignment An annotated bibliography is a complete citation list of source material with an annotation following each entry. You will locate 10 reliable sources, and you will create an accurate MLA bibliographic (works cited) entry for each source (8th ed.). Following each source, you will include an annotation on the source. These annotations will contain a brief summary and/or evaluation of the source. Below is a sample. You can find how to create accurate MLA works cited entries by using a handbook or a reliable website, such as Purdue OWL. At least ONE source on your annotated bibliography must come from your collage database, such as Academic Search Complete. All of your sources should be reliable and relevant. Be sure your indentions are correct. First lines of Works Cited entries are left-justified; all subsequent lines are indented one time. The complete annotations should be indented two times, so I can see what is an annotation and what is a Works Cited entry. See sample below.

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