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Internal Promotion

I often hear so much about seniority should be consider first. I do believe at a certain extent yes, but if you are not qualified for the job, then no. There were many times I have seen or heard people complain but was not qualified nor have the knowledge of the position and feel that they should get the job. I feel if you know there is a job becoming available get to know the job, learn what the job is about, then apply yourself.

Do not get mad if you are not chosen the first go around. I suggest getting with the hiring team and see what areas where you weak in and if you need more help in that certain area, do your research, and try again.

The solution is for my interview team to get together and discuss details that is needed to show proof that I have the skills to perform the job that is available. I will give my best presentation to show that I am the best candidate for the position and will go above and beyond to show what I can do the job.  I will give them a summary of my background and work experience. I feel any extra training always a plus that the company has to offer. As always you must dress to impress and show them that you came to work.

As for as call to action, I will thank them for their time they took out to interview me. I will do a follow-up call or send a letter/cards within the next day or so to get updated information on the job or have they hired anyone.

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