Respond To The Following Questions:

The parties involved in this critical thinking assignment social contract theory are predominantly: the United States government, the Fuyao Glass Industry Group, and the American workers and citizens of Dayton, Ohio, where the closed General Motors plant was reopened as the Fuyao Glass plant.
As explained before the documentary was started, Americas role as a global superpower was established post-WWII and was maintained from an industrial standpoint until the practice of outsourcing began to dominate industrial corporate practices in the 1980s onward. The Chinese government is Communist and therefore takes a much different approach to promoting industry in its country than in America. While America purports to be a democracy with a free enterprise stance on businesses and markets, what role do you feel the American government should have with providing and / or securing employment for its citizens?
The production company behind the funding and distribution for this documentary is Higher Ground Productions. Higher Ground Productions is a production company established by Barack and Michelle Obama, after former president Obama left office. With the current political administration slogan of Make American Great Again, do you feel there is any bias being presented in this documentary? What is the overall issue (problem) this documentary is addressing? What is this documentary claim?
As noted in the two articles assigned for this critical thinking assignment (Chinese Drones Made in America One Company Plan to Win Over Trump and Coming to America Chinese Textile Companies), America (since the early 2010s) is beginning to experience something called reverse outsourcing. Because of the economic climate in many areas of the United States, and the industrial infrastructure many American cities have (for example, all the shuttered factories and desperate workforce), foreign companies are now bringing their manufacturing jobs back into the United States. However, as we saw in the documentary, workers are being paid roughly a third of what they used to make when they worked for American companies, and any discussion of unions is categorically discouraged. Where do you assess America role on the global stage today? Where do you see America position in the world twenty years from now? Can America compete on the same level with China, given each workforce practices?
Would you want to work at Fuyao Glass plant? Why or why not? Explain your answer.