Reflection- Assignment


Retrospective Inventory (10 pts) and Power Point (40 pts)

After completing the Retrospective Inventory, you will use that material to create

A power point presentation consisting of the following: 10 slides not including a title page, an introduction, a conclusion and a reference page (14 slides total)

Introduction: A brief summary of your power point

Content: For each slide, provide specific detail, illustrations, diagrams to clarify the topic

Conclusion: Briefly summarize your thoughts on doing this project..what did you learn etc.

Reference Page: The resources you used

Retrospective Inventory

Briefly describe the events in your life that you remember with great satisfaction and explain why. Indicate your age. Try to list ten minimum.

Briefly describe those events you remember with great dissatisfaction and explain why. Indicate your age. Try to list ten minimum.

When you have completed these, place a check mark beside the five events in each category that were the most significant. Describe these in greater detail. (Slides one and two)

Describe as many events as you can remember when someone who was perceived to be your enemy was reconciled to you. (Three)

What lenses do you use to view the world. (Four)

List five experiences you would like to have before you die. Project a timeline. (Five)

Write an obituary for yourself, real or imagined, summarizing your life. (Six)

Briefly describe events in your life that were peak or transformational experiences. Explain why. Indicate your age. (Seven) Try to list ten minimum. Choose five that are most important for slide Eight.

The philosopher Descartes said I think, therefore I am. Who do you think you are? (Nine)

What is your philosophy? (Ten)