reverse logistics impacts sustainability and supply chain management

This review is part of a larger academic endeavor aimed at understanding how reverse logistics impacts sustainability and supply chain management. Objectives: To identify and analyze existing research on reverse logistics, with a focus on its benefits and drawbacks. To organize the literature into clear themes, such as environmental impact, cost implications, and customer satisfaction. To synthesize the findings into a well-structured literature review, providing a foundation for future research. Scope of Work: Introduction: Provide background information on reverse logistics and state the research questions. The introduction should set the stage for the discussion that follows. Body: Divide the literature into thematic categories and discuss each theme in detail. This section should compare, contrast, and connect the articles selected for the review, addressing the following themes (but not limited to): Environmental Benefits Cost Implications Customer Satisfaction and Business Reputation Summary: Summarize the main findings and suggest how they answer the research questions. Highlight any gaps in the literature and propose areas for future investigation. Bibliography: List all sources cited in the review, formatted according to the Harvard referencing style. Requirements: The literature review must be a minimum of 1,000 words (excluding the bibliography). At least 6 sources/references must be included. The review should adhere to Harvard referencing style for citations and bibliography. The final document must be submitted in a Word or PDF format. Assessment Criteria: You have to follow a writing Rubric which will be shared after project award. Depth and breadth of research Clarity and coherence of the review structure Relevance and validity of the identified themes Quality of analysis and synthesis Adherence to the Harvard referencing style Deadline: 1 Day Submission: Please submit your proposal including your approach to the project, a brief overview of your experience with academic writing, especially literature reviews, and any initial thoughts you have on the topic of reverse logistics.