Robinhood Company Analysis

Company: Robinhood (stocks app)

Assignment should be 6-8 pages and will consist of five(5) sections (each about 1.5-2.0 pages).

The first section should be an overview of the company:

What does the company do?

What product or service does it offer?

Where is it located?

Who are its main competitors?

What is the market structure (e.g. pure competition, monopoly, oligopoly, etc.)?

How is it regulated?

This first section should provide a background or base-line understanding of the company in support of the rest of the paper.

For the remaining four sections, should include the following:

A demand analysis illustrating the most applicable terms, concepts, or ideas in Chapter 3 to include the following  consumer behavior (purchasing power and substitution effect), targeting, switching cost, positioning, price elasticity of demand (demand determinants), interpreting income and advertising elasticity.

A pricing analysis illustrating the most applicable terms, concepts, or ideas in Chapter 14 to include the following value in use/value based pricing (product specifications, ease of use, service frequency, change order responsiveness, loyalty programs, and empathy in order processing), couponing, bundling, price discrimination, and price skimming versus full-cost pricing.

What they got wrong analysis detailing a strategy mistake using the course concepts.

What they got right analysis detailing a strategy win using the course concepts.

If you are having trouble addressing or finding enough information for any of the sections above, you can augment your analysis by articulating what you think the company should do. For example, if you cant find any information on your company value based pricing, explain how you would price the product or service and why. Make some decisions on behalf of your company and support them using concepts and ideas from the course.