Assessment will be a 2000-word case study in which you will be required to compile a case study critically considering examples of sporting enterprise and entrepreneurship practice to develop a business plan for a Sport and Physical activity organisation from one of the three industry sectors – public, private and voluntary.

What do I need to do to pass? 

 Analyse the   public, private, voluntary and commercial sectors in the provision of sport   and physical activity and use the understanding of theory linked to   developing provision. 

Identify and discuss the value rationales, leadership practices and   management operations informing the enterprise of sport development projects   currently operating within the commercial, public and voluntary sectors


A critical review of the organisation’s business practice, as well   as an examination of the internal and external environments so as to 1)   establish the degree to which there is a ‘strategic fit’ between business   practice and business environment and 2) generate a range of viable,   evidence-based, strategic choices for new development. This will necessitate   the considered use of key strategic analysis tools, as well as the   appropriate use of supportive literature.

It is important to note the assessment task requires   you to “critically review” the organisation’s business practice. This   requires that you do not simply state/describe what the organisation does,   and why and how it does it; you must be sure to draw upon multiple sources   and relevant evidence to establish the viability – the strategic fit – of the   organisation’s mode and scope of business as it is set against what is a   changing industry context. The generation of viable strategic options for new   development must also be critically considered against this context. It is   not expected that you generate an exhaustive list of strategic options for   new development for the case study – rather, only identify, through   appropriate analyse, what you deem to be the strategic significant for each   organisation. 

This is an evidence-based exercise and as such it is   expected that you draw upon a wide-variety of information sources, i.e.,   policy documents, industry periodical articles, as well as academic   publications (book chapters and journal articles). In short, show your   working!