SAMHSA Program And How The DNP Can Become Involved

  SAMHS programs and campaigns offer information, training, and technical assistance to improve the quality and delivery of behavioral health services across the nation.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a national organization that seeks to improve the behavioral health of the American community. Families and addicted citizens connect with the organization to learn more about the effects of substance abuse to avoid it. Addicted citizens also learn about treatment options through this organization (Welty et al., 2019). The organization invests in research that enhances information access to empower the community.

My professional experience with substance abuse is fulfilling and challenging in equal measure. As part of my work, I received special training on managing patients with mental and substance abuse problems, and these pieces of exercise made me a better-advanced practice nurse. I was able to identify this kind of disorder in patients of my community and some of my colleagues. However, the gaps in managed care and health infrastructure make the journey challenging. Therefore, there is a need for more efforts at local and national levels to address the problem.


Can you elaborate more on the SAMHSA program and how the DNP can become involved?



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