security analyst in reporting on data breaches

You are an experienced security analyst in reporting on data breaches. Your manager has requested a detailed
analysis of the Optus data breach, made public in September of 2022.
You are required to write a publication in the form of a report, that will subsequently be published in a reputable
Information Security e-Magazine. Your report must contain the following:
• an overview of the data breach
• the impact on confidentiality, integrity, and availability
• threat and threat categories that were realised. Include a threat map (using appropriate software, i.e..,
Lucid chart, Visio, or an online tool).
• root cause analysis of the breach
• legal and ethical issues that have or may occur as a consequence.
• Provide a summary analysis. From a management perspective, describe what went wrong, and what could
have prevented the breach.Your report must be presented professionally and show that you have a good understanding of:
• the threat landscape in the context of the case study
• demonstrate that you can apply classic goals of information security in the analysis of a case study,
o analysis of the implications on confidentiality, integrity, and availability compromises that have, or
may occur in the future.
o threat landscape, and.
o the underlying root cause.
• the legal, ethical, or cultural issues that emerged.
• information security management inadequacies.
You must reference all sources using APA7th. There is no limit to the reference list.
Professional software, i.e., Lucid Chart, Microsoft Video, or other online tool must be used for the threat map.
Wordcount: 1500 words +/- 10%