Share Experience

Steve  Grit

I am going to share a couple of my experiences from the last 2 weeks since I feel like they have been extremely challenging and unexpected. I contracted covid-19 a little over 2 weeks ago and it started off feeling like a cold and I really was hoping that it was not the covid even though as everyone knows right now it is on every one mind as soon as they have an itchy throat or stuffy nose.

After 3 days of the steady progressing into the worst cold symptoms I had ever felt I decided to get a test done and 2 days after that I got the positive results which was scary. The next 2 days I started to feel a little better, but my head was still extremely cloudy and just felt like I was waking up out of a dream. Everything in my life I put on hold since I was quarantined but the biggest problem, I had was the overwhelming feeling of not getting my schoolwork done.

From the beginning of this online journey, I had made goals for myself as far as what was realistic to me in expectations considering that I never was a very good student in my younger days the goals I had for at least completing work on time to me seemed like a good start. I keep getting better and then worse and now everyone in my home is sick and my mother is obviously a huge stressor for me as I know they say it affects prior health conditions worse than a healthy person, so we have been back and forth to the hospital for the last week which has not been fun. The point of all this is to say that I have never experienced the health issues that I am facing right now and the stress of life in general is far worse than I had ever anticipated but with determination and GRIT we shall overcome this as we do with everything else in life.

The text gave a lot of insights and information into the situation in my life right now concerning my scheduling issues but the main thing that stuck with me is letting go of the stuff I cannot change as with many stresses in life I feel like I for one give a lot of thought and undeserved attention to things that are far beyond my reach of changing and that is a waste of energy. I also loved that it mentioned the health part of things in connection with stress and a strong mind so the main thing I feel like I need to do is to be focusing on my health right now so that I can continue to learn more about myself through the hardships I am dealing with.

I think when Amy said that she is a pretty gritty person it made me smile and think to myself that I have always felt that way about a lot of people but not so much myself. It made me laugh because not realizing that throughout my life I have over come more than my share of trials and still I am focused on becoming a better me, So that makes me happy.

Thanks for listening and Blessings to Everyone.