Sick Policy Essay


Read the attached two sample sick policies. One from a center and one from a family child care home. After you have read both sick policies, you must analyze different viewpoints about sickness. Think about the safety and the health of the children under your care.

Answer all the questions located in the Analysis section, comparing what you know to what is current research. No need for a title page. HOWEVER, for an paper, you need to answer each section completely using 4 current peer-reviewed articles/textbooks not more than 10 years old. Make sure you add a Reference page in APA format (6th edition). Additionally, your answers must be free of grammar and/or spelling. The responses for the questions need to be word-processed, double-spaced, narrative format (no bullets allowed-THIS IS AN ESSAY). The paper must be Times New Roman, 12-point font, 3-4 full pages in length. Page length can be longer if necessary

Questions for Analysis

  1. Based on the sample sick policy, how would you address a child needs based on a director? Would you send the child home if they caught something that was unknown? What if something such as hand, foot or mouth ran rapidly through the program? Would you shut down? Why or why not?
  2. Based on the sample policy, how would you address a child needs based on a teacher? Would you send the child home or would quarantine the child since you have developed a relationship? What if the parent was not able to come and pick up the child, how would you be responsive to the child needs?
  3. Based on the sample sick policy, how would you react as a parent? What if you found out something contagious was rapidly being transmitted throughout the program? Would you keep your child home until you know for certain the illness has been treated or would you send your child to the program?
  4. What would be some proper health strategies that could implemented to eliminate sickness and keep things under control? Why do you think it is important to follow these procedures? How would you communicate case this to parents?
  5. What if you had a child that is chronically ill? As a teacher how would you meet their needs? As a director how would you assure the parents? As a parent, what would you look for?