Signature Assignment

Question 1

Ash Grove Cement Company hired Electric Company of Omaha (ECO) to relocate a cable tray. ECO gained access to the tray from the flat roof of Ash Grove  building and controlled the work.

While walking backwards and carrying cable, Darryl Didier, an employee of ECO, fell twenty feet of the roof, onto a concrete surface. He wants to file for a lawsuit to recover the damages he suffered. Which company Darryl should sue? Explain your answer through references to the duties and liabilities of principals and agents.



Question 2

  1. Describe one international strategy for competing in the global market.
  2. Analyze one diversity, one sustainability, and one corporate social responsibility challenge that this strategy can pose.
  3. Share an example of a company that is utilizing this strategy and explain the reasoning behind it.
  4. Analyze if that company is facing a diversity, sustainability, or corporate social responsibility challenge because of its international strategy.